Disinfectant Use in Operating Rooms

One of the most critical areas of hospitals are operating rooms. The use of disinfectants in operating rooms is completely different from conventional methods. There are different application techniques for this. Generally, agents such as Formaldehyde Vapor and Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor are used extensively in general disinfections performed after surgery. If infected patient surgeries have been performed during the day, the salon is disinfected with Ultraviolet Lighting.

However, it is not possible to enter the environment immediately after Formaldehyde Steaming application as a disinfectant. Since volatile chemicals contained in formaldehyde are difficult to breathe, they are obstructing and caustic in the respiratory tract. It can cause irritation in the upper respiratory tract.

Formadehyde is an organic compound with the formula CH2O. It is the simplest member of aldehydes. It is formed by hydrogen bonding to two empty bonds of the carbonyl group. It is produced naturally in all developed creatures and is a poisonous gas. The liquid solution has a distinctive odor irritating to the respiratory tract. Therefore inhalation is not recommended. It is generally known by the name formalin. Many types can be found. Formaldehyde is formed when the water contained in formalin evaporates and decomposes under low pressure. This is a polymer. When this polymer is heated, formaldehyde gas is released. Gaseous formaldehyde is effective for viruses suspended in the air in a closed area. Diluted solution is used for surface cleaning.

Formaldehyde use for Surgical Instruments
Formaldehyde use for Surgical Instruments

Hydrogen Peroxide Usage

Hydrogen Peroxide is used as a bleach in the production of disinfection. It is widely used in operating rooms by nebulizing. It creates a fog cloud in the environment. It kills microorganisms and bacteria.

Hydrogene Peroxide Sterilization
Hydregene Peroxide Disinfections

Using Ultraviolet Light

Likewise, it is not possible for people to enter the environment during Ultraviolet Lighting application. However, it is possible to enter the environment and perform surgery after the application of nano technological coating. On the other hand, Hydrogen Peroxide and Formaldehyde vapor used is also a dose-dependent application. Microorganism reproduction begins as soon as the concentration drops.

UV Light Disinfections
UV Light Disinfections