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Alcohol Free Nanotechnological
Hand and Surface Disinfectant

Pure Anti-B

Pure Anti-B Alcohol Free, Disinfectant Against Bacteria and Viruses

One of the new generation hand disinfectants, “Pure Anti-B Alcohol Free” is effective against bacteria and viruses with its nano-technological molecular structure. It stands out with its broad spectrum nanoparticles and hydrogen peroxide active ingredient. Pure Anti-B, it is a disinfectant that does not contain alcohol, moisturizes and does not irritate the skin. Provides long-term effective protection against bacteria, fungi  and viruses.

It is a disinfectant that can eliminate bad odors with the special perfume it contains.

The nanoparticles in its content are reduced to less than 100 µm (nanomicron) by mechanical acting, chemical vapor condensation and hydrogen reduction methods. This composition consists of rare element raw materials. Pure Anti-B is supported with organic plant extracts as well as these inorganic raw materials.

It can be used safely with pulverization in environment disinfection.

Hand and Surface Disinfectant

Pure Anti-B Usage Areas

Pure Anti-B Alcohol Free disinfectant works in 10-9 size. Its working mechanism easily breaks the protective membranes of bacteria, fungi and viruses on all skin and solid surfaces applied and penetrates them. It neutralizes them in a short time. Thanks to the same effect mechanism, it can be applied by pulverizing (smog) devices with atomized medium release.

With its disinfectant pulverizing effect, it also removes bad odors and provides long-term protection.

Depending on the Pure Anti-B production technology, its boiling point is 80 ° C and there is no risk of ignition or flaming. For this reason, it is suitable for pulverization application in all kinds of environment pulverizing devices and cooling and public transport ventilation systems.

Thanks to its wide spectrum effect, it provides maximum efficiency at a level approaching the sterilization level. It does not contain any harmful chemicals and heavy metals (lead, mercury, etc.) such as iodine, phenol, aldehyde, chlorine and alcohol.

Bacteria and Virus Activity
Method: EUCAST - MICs - MH

Test method and bacterial activity list proving broad spectrum feature

Pseud. aeruginosa ATCC 27853

Escherichia coli ATCC 25922

Salmonella typhimirium 13331

Staph. aureus ATCC 29213

Enterococcus faecalis ATCC 29212

Candida albicans 19231

Salmonella enteritidis ATCC 13076

Escherichia coli ATCC 35218

Bacteria and Virus Activity
TS EN 1276 (Strength test)

Test method and bacteria list proving long-term protection and persistence

Pseudomonas aeruginosa ATCC 15442

Staphylococcus aereus ATCC 6538

Enterococcus hirae ATCC 10541

Escherischia coli ATCC 10536

Pure Anti-B Licensing

Apart from these tests, it has also successfully passed the following complementary tests, which certify that it is a high standard and unique disinfectant. These tests show that Pure Anti-B products affect both bacteria and fungi. In this way, a single substance that does not contain alcohol provides high success without allowing bacteria and fungi to develop resistance. Likewise, its effectiveness is accepted in all virus forms. In this way, it is presented as an economical, environmentally friendly material that does not harm normal tissues.

It is necessary to have knowledge of nanotechnology and to understand how the mechanism works in order to reach further information on this subject.

Biocidal Registration

TS EN1276 Bacterisidal

TS EN1650 Fungisidal

TS EN14476 Virus-Irritation

For detailed information on product effectiveness

Pure Anti-B

Product packaging forms

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Pure Anti-B 100ml

Pure Anti-B 100ml

Pure Anti-B 1000ml

Pure Anti-B 1000ml

Pure Anti-B 5000ml

Pure Anti-B 5000ml


Warnings and Precautions

Keep out of reach of children. 

Keep away from fire and high heat. 

Store in an environment isolated from sunlight and moisture. 

Avoid contact with eyes. 

In case of contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water and consult your doctor. 

Avoid contact with open wounds. 

If swallowed, local contact POISON INFORMATION CENTER.